Apothecary Mortar and Pestle - Standard Trenton- 7"

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15.00 LBS
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Vintage Standard Trenton Stoneware Apothecary Mortar and Pestle #3 Molcajete Suribachi Scientific Medical Circa 1930 Made in the USA

Throughout their long history, mortars and pestles have varied dramatically in size, style, and material depending on their purpose. Chemists and pharmacists, for example, have traditionally used small porcelain sets for trituration, the process of grinding chemical compounds. The mortar and pestle offer a rare example of a stable technology, surviving thousands of years without significant refinement.

In September 1929 the Maddock family of Trenton, New Jersey was forced to sell American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation – which is known today as American Standard. Thus the Standard Trenton product lines were formed.

With the bare-bones minimum stamp on the bottom this is one of their first distributed pieces in the 1930’s; they further added the Made in the USA, Acid Resisting and dates later in production.

This a stoneware mortar and pestle ball. It measures 3-3/4” tall, has a 6-3/8” top and a 4-1/4” base diameter. The inside has slight ripples and definitely shows signs from usage and wear that is consistent with age. The base is stamped with “Standard Trenton 3”.